Monetary Donations and Grants

Donations from individuals,
businesses, organizations,
corporations, and foundations,
including cash and designated
project grants are needed to exness account allow TTFA to continue its mission to help bridge the'digital divide' in California. The demand is enormous. TTFA does not receive any government funding.

Help support TTFA's
computer placement program
by sending in a donation.
Send to: 8825 Production exness india Ave.
San Diego, CA 92121
Thank You!

Non-placement Items That
Are Accepted By TTFA:

Small electronics (stereo equipment,
cameras, etc.) and business products
such as working fax machines,
phone systems, etc. help bring in revenue that in turn is used to purchase parts for the computers that can be brought up to school technology standards.

TTFA accepts non-working monitors.





For donations of one or more units:

Start by emailing your completed Donation Summary or inventory list to TTFA at (858) 547-7559. or

All donations will be screened for eligibility according to the minimum requirements listed for placement in schools. Equipment that falls below placement standards will be accepted and recycled.

The foundation will arrange for donations of 20 or more complete computer systems to be picked up. An employee of an authorized transportation facilitator will contact you to confirm the date that they will pick up your donation. Keep in mind that the average time between request and actual pick up is 5 - 7 working days. Please have all items being donated placed in an area that is easily accessible. Please provide appropriate access for a large truck. Once the equipment has been delivered to the refurbishing center, TTFA will generate a donation receipt to be sent to the designated contact at the donor company.

Please Donate

Complete Working Desktop & Laptop Systems:

  • Celeron, Pentium III 800's and higher & AMD Athlon or Duron Based Systems
  • 17 inch SVGA Monitors, Flat Panel LCD Monitors
  • Hard Drives of 10GB or better
  • 24X CD-ROM drives
  • 256 MB or better memory modules "SDRAM or DDR"

Acceptable Parts and Peripherals (working):

  • Keyboards - 101 type PS/2 Type or USB
  • Mice - PS/2
  • Celeron, Pentium III 500's or higher, Pentium IV's & AMD Athlon or Duron processors.
  • Hard Drives of 6GB or better
  • Network cards - Ethernet
  • Modems, 56k or faster
  • 128MB or better memory modules "SDRAM or DDR"
  • Routers/Switches/Network Equipment
  • Servers